Venue : Tagore Film Centre, Govt. Music College Campus, Chennai
Date : 10th – 11th July 2017


1. Heleno | Heleno | 2011 | 116min | b&w | Portuguese | Dir: José Henrique Fonseca | (10 July 2017 | 6.00 pm)

A biography of the tragic life of one of Brazil’s greatest soccer players, Heleno de Freitas. Heleno’s self-destructive behaviour turned him into a myth
Awards: 9 wins & 13 nominations

2. VIPs | VIPs | 2010 | 95 min | Portuguese | Dir: Toniko Melo | (10 July 2017 | 7.45 pm)

The story of Marcelo da Rocha, a man who loved to imitate people. He lives in the state of Paraná with his mother, and his great dream is to learn to fly. Marcelo runs away to Mato Grosso do Sul, where he works, learns to fly and soon works with contraband, always assuming new identities. Making a lot of money, Marcelo poses as businessman Henrique Constantino, brother of the owner of Gol airline. All goes well until Marcelo gives an interview on TV.
Awards: 6 wins & 7 nominations

3. Xingu | Xingu | 2011 | 102min | Portuguese | Dir: Cao Hamburger | (11 July 2017 | 6.00 pm)

In the ’40s, the Villas Boas brothers: Orlando, 27, Claudius, 25, and Leonardo, 23, engage in a fantastic and incredible saga. They start an exploratory expedition into the Xingu River, travelling 1,500 km, navigates over 1,000 miles of unspoilt rivers, opens 19 airfields for airplanes, gives rise to the creation of 43 towns and make contact with unknown Indian tribes. They learn to live in the rainforest, and persuade a reluctant government to found the Xingu National Park, the size of Belgium, the first major native indian reservation in Brazil.
Awards: 4 wins & 22 nominations.

4. Road 47 | A Estrada 47 | 2013 | 107 min | Dir: Vicente Ferraz | (11 July 2017 | 7.40 pm)

An unusual meeting between three deserters from different nationalities (Brazil, German and Italy) during World War II. During World War II, in Italy, a Brazilian Expeditionary Force – FEB – mines weeping platoon is hit by a panic-attack that sets them running aimlessly right in the middle of ‘no man’s land’. Desperate cold and hungry, the ill-prepared soldiers have to choose between facing military court or delve deeper into enemy lines. On their way there, they end meeting two others deserters. The soldiers are set to accomplish a mission that so far had been deemed impossible.
Awards: 6 wins & 12 nominations.

Date : 10th – 11th July 2017

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