Italian Film Festival

Venue : Russian Centre of Science and Culture, No-74, Kasturi ranga Road, Chennai- 600 018
Date : 10th – 12th April 2017


1. When Italy Ate in Black and White |Dir: Andrea Gropplero di Troppenburg | 2014 | 20 min (10 Apr 17 | 6.15 pm)

How did the concept of nutrition, cooking and friendliness change over the last 90 years? How does the food on our plate influence our quality of life? Is the idea of ‘good food’ changing? This journey between the traditional recipes of the regional cuisine and the black and white images from the Instituto Luce’s Archive tries to explore the eating habits and customs of the Italians throughout the years.

2. The Dinner | Dir: Ettore Scola| 1998 | 126 min ( 10 Apr 17 | 6/45 pm)

An evening at an Italian restaurant. Hosted by tolerant and relaxed Flora, various parties of middle-class people come in to dine, converse, argue, celebrate, make confessions; to overhear other people’s discussions, to interrupt them, to sing, listen to music, and enjoy life. The camera, just like the people, moves constantly from table to table, into the kitchen and the back room to observe the staff’s petty jealousies and frustrations — until two hours later it’s time for everybody to go home. Awards:3 wins & 5 nomination

3. Vineyards On The Rocks | Dir: Ermanno Olmi, Giacomo Gatti  | 2009 | 54 min (11 Apr 17 | 6.00 pm)

“There are five reasons for drinking: a friend’s arrival, the excellence of the wine, present and future thirst, and whatever else you care to add”. Ermanno Olmi has returned to documentary filmmaking and makes a journey through valleys, living rocks and the culture of the Valtellina hillsides.

4. Long Live the Lady! | Dir: Ermanno Olm | 1987 | 115 min (11 Apr 17 | 7.00 pm)

Libenzio, a waiter, has been invited to participate in an unusual competition at a strange castle. A group of chefs are vying against one another to craft the most delectable and elaborate meal for the woman of the manor, an old lady who the group has heard about, but never actually met. Coming from a humble background, Libenzio is amazed by the lavish rooms in the castle — but he and the chefs are nagged by a suspicion that the guest of honor might not actually exist. Awards:3 wins & 1 nomination

5. Black Pasta | Dir: Alessandro Piva  | 2011 | 52 min (12 Apr 17 | 6.00 PM )

It is a documentary that describes one of the best examples of solidarity between North and South Italy in the aftermath of WWII: Between 1947 and 1952, at the end of the Second World War, Italy was devastated and minors were in one of the most painful conditions, especially in the South. Thousands of worker families of the North, inspired by a new awareness and hope in the reconstruction of the country, open their homes to children from the most affected and miserable areas of the South.

6. The Feast | Dir: Mimmo Calopresti | 2007| 100 min (12 Apr 17 | 7.00 PM )

A pair of Italian filmmakers go to Rome to find a star for their first project.Gabriele, Marco and Nicola are three youngsters, who would like to shoot a movie. They interview an old lady, who recalls the love of her life, a distant cousin of hers who emigrated to America as a youth, whose return she is still waiting for. Indeed, a suitable plot for a movie. Neri is a former film director who shot one successful movie and then retired to Diamante. They ask for his help, in vain though. So they decide to travel to Rome, and Elena, Marco’s sister, goes with them. Here, Francesco, a friend of Neri’s, unwillingly accommodates them. However, they meet Amelie, a French, girl, who seems to be interested in their intent, and tells them she will mention it to Gerard, her fiancé, who actually turns out to be Gerard Depardieu, the renowned French actor… Awards: 1Win

Venue : Russian Centre of Science and Culture, No-74, Kasturi ranga Road, Chennai- 600 018
Date : 10th – 12th April 2017

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