Special Screening of Belgian Films

Venue : Max Mueller Bhavan
Date : 13th May 2017


1. L’ombre d.un | 27 min (13 May 17 | 6.30 pm)

Is the man sharing your bed the same as yesterday?

2. Ineffacable | 23 min ( 13 May 17 | 6.55 pm)

Manu, 20 years old, escape from the psychiatric hospital where he is recovering. Therefore, he has only one idea in mind : start back the graffitis which he has a vital need. But, soon, Manu learns that some of his prisons have neither doors nor bars…

3. All Cats are Grey | 90 min (13 May 17 | 7.15 pm)

Eric has two identities. Half the time he is an average family dad, and the other half he spends in the forest, where he is a mighty white tiger. In the forest Eric is social, carefree and respected, while his everyday life is brings trivialities, doubt and a blissfully unaware family. Eric’s secret life soon catches up to him.

Venue : Max Mueller Bhavan, Chennai
Date : 13th May 2017

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