Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, in association with the  Austrian Embassy in New Delhi, Austrian Cultural Forum in New Delhi, Austrian Film Commission in Austria and Honorary Consulate of Austria in Chennai is organizing the AUSTRIAN FILM FESTIVAL 2023 at Alliance Française of Madras, 24, College Road, Subba Road Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034. 



Date: 16th – 17th November

(Non-members of ICAF, please call on 9840151956/8939022618 for more details)


16th November


Inaugural Function 6.00 pm Alliance Française of Madras

No. 24, College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034

How I Taught Myself to Be a Child/Wie ich lernte, bei mir selbst Kind zu sein/2019/Dir.: Rupert Henning/140 min 6.30 pm
17th November


More Than Just Enemies/Prinz Eugen und das Osmanische Reich/2014/Dir.: Heinz Leger, Martin Betz/2×50 min 5.30 pm
Cafe Electric/Café Elektric/1927/Dir.: Gustav Ucicky/80 min 7.00 pm
S.No.  Title of the Movie  Director  Year of  Release Duration (in mins) Synopsis
1 How I Taught Myself to  Be a Child 

(Wie ich lernte, bei mir  selbst Kind zu sein)



2019  140 min Paul Silberstein, youngest son of an urbane but deeply strange old Austrian dynasty of confectionery millionaires, discovers the power of love and humor – and also his own extraordinary ability to shape his realities.
2 More Than Just Enemies  (Prinz Eugen und das  Osmanische Reich) Heinz  




2014  90 min The 17th Century: The superpowers are the  Habsburg Empire and the Ottoman Empire,  being more than just enemies. On September  11, 1697, the Ottoman army is annihilated in the battle of Zenta by the imperial army led by  Prince Eugene of Savoy, thus ending the steady rise of the Ottoman Empire over the previous centuries. The dominance of the Habsburgs is well documented, but the Ottoman Empire was a civilization that was no less developed and whose culture we know only little about. Yet the Sultans ruled over Asia Minor, the Near  East, the Balkans, North Africa, the Crimea and  current-day Hungary for several centuries.
3 Cafe Electric  

(Café Elektric)



1927  80 min Erni (Marlene Dietrich), the daughter of a  wealthy industrialist Göttlinger (Fritz Alberti)  falls for a pickpocket Fredl (Willi Forst), but Fredl prefers Hansi (Nina Vanna), a prostitute at the Café Elektric. Max (Igo Sym) who is a  Göttlinger architect, loves Erni until he discovers her relationship with Fredl.


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