Korean Film Festival – 100 Years of Korean Cinema Celebrations

Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation in association with Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chennai are organizing 2019 Korean Film Festival – 100 Years of Korean Cinema Celebrations (1919-2019) on 21, 22 and 23 Nov 2019 at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, 74, Kasturi Rangan Road, Chennai.

Mr. Hyung Tae Kim, Honourable Consul General of the Republic of Korea, Chennai will inaugurate the festival. Distinguished Guests are Mr. N Sathyamoorthy, Commissioner of Income Tax; Mr. R Muthu Kumar, Editor-in-Chief, Trinity Mirror and Makkal Kural; Mr. AVM K Shanmugam, Joint Managing Director – AVM Productions Pvt. Ltd. Ms. Sakshi Agarwal, Big Boss fame Cine Artiste, will light the lamp. Mr. Sivan Kannan, President – ICAF, presides.

Venue : Russian Centre of Science and Culture
Date : 21st to  23rd Nov 2019


1.Anarchist from Colony/ Park Yeol/2017/Dir.: Joon-ik Lee/129 min/Nov 21/6.30 pm

Life of a upcoming Korean patriot Park Yeol, who formed the anarchist organization “Black Wave” during the Japanese colonial period and attempted the assassination of the Japanese Crown Prince Hirohito.
Wins: 19, Nominations: 20


2.The Fatal Encounter/Yeok-rin/2014/Dir.: J.Q. Lee/135 min/Nov 22/5.30 pm

King Jeongjo attempts to protect his royal powers from the conflict of two factions: Noron and Soron. He has survived many other assassination attempts in the past by members of the Noron faction who are also responsible for murdering his father.
Win: 1, Nominations: 4


3.Wonderful Nightmare/Misseu waipeu/2015/Dir.: Hyo-jin Kang/125 min/Nov 22/7.45 pm

A clerical error in heaven leads to Yeon-woo’s untimely death. To fix the mistake, she must live as another woman for a month.
Nomination: 1


4.A Quiet Dream/Chun-mong /2016/Dir.: Lu Zhang/101 min/Nov 23/5.30 pm

This is a story about a girl which three insignificant men care deeply about. The men look up to the girl considering her to be an idol of their own. But one day, a new guy appears in her life. Wins: 2


5.Untouchable Lawmen/2015/Dir.: Shin Jai-ho/104 min/Nov 23/7.45 pm

Jung-Jin and Yoo-Min are called to the special investigation headquarter for a secret meeting. There, they receive an order to take down the boss of a criminal organization. The crime boss, with the help of people in power, appears untouchable.


Venue : Russian Centre of Science and Culture
Date : 21st to  23rd Nov 2019

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