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Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation is organizing the Lusophone Film Festival from May 3rd to 4th May 2024 at AVM auditorium Arcot Rd, Sankareswarar Nagar, Virugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600092

Date: May 3rd to 4th May 2024

(Non-members of ICAF, please call 8825783110 for more details)

Lusophone Film Festival kicks off tomorrow in Chennai, celebrating Portuguese Language Day with a vibrant ceremony. Esteemed guests and film enthusiasts will gather to embrace the cultural richness of Lusophone nations. Gratitude will be expressed for fostering cross-cultural understanding. The movies will showcase the rich heritage of the Portuguese language and its global influence on literature and cinema. Expect a captivating lineup of films, highlighting the creativity of Portuguese-speaking nations. Chennai audiences are in for a cinematic treat, immersing themselves in enchanting narratives and artistic brilliance. The festival embodies the enduring legacy of the Portuguese language in global culture. It’s a platform for dialogue, celebration, and mutual enrichment. The spirit of linguistic diversity and cultural exchange will be palpable throughout the festival. Join us as we celebrate the beauty of Lusophone cinema and its contribution to world culture.

Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation (ICAF) is a registered non-profit organization working for the promotion of parallel and non-commercial cinema in Chennai by organizing periodical screenings of world-class films.

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