INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION in association with the Embassy of Brazil, New Delhi is organizing a Brazilian Film Festival (Online) in October 2020.

1. House of Sand/Casa de Areia/2005/Dir.: Andrucha Waddington/115 min/October 5-9, 2020

On the shimmering sandy plains of northern Maranhão, three generations of women live their dreams and passions unwillingly inherited, experiencing profound depths of despair and fulfillment.
Wins: 12, Nominations: 43

2. Red Carpet/Tapete Vermelho/2005/Dir.: Luís Alberto Pereira/100 min/October 12-16, 2020

Quinzinho has a promise to keep: take his child, to the city to watch a movie Mazzaropi. They live in a small farm in São Paulo. In this odyssey by cities of São Paulo, he also leads his wife Zulmira which part unwillingly, and donkey Policarpo.
Wins: 9, Nominations: 6

3. The Inheritance/A Partilha/2001/Dir.: Daniel Filho/96 min/October 19-23, 2020

After the death of their mother, four sisters reunite to sell her apartment and share their inheritance. Based on a hit Brazilian play the screenplay also co-written by Miguel Falabella
Wins: 4, Nominations: 5

4. Zuzu Angel/Zuzu Angel/2006/Dir.: Juan José Campanella/October 25-30, 2020

Based on true story of Zuzu Angel, a famous Brazilian fashion designer in the 70s, who searches for her son Stuart, a member of a leftist university group who suddenly disappears during the darkest era of Brazilian military regime.
Wins: 7, Nominations: 27

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