We are happy to inform you that, we INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION in association with the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China, New Delhi are organizing a Chinese Film Festival on 13th & 14th February 2017 at RKV Film & TV Institute, NSK Salai Vadapalani, Chennai.

1. Go Away Mr. Tumour | Dir.: Han Yan | 2015 | 85 min (13th Feb17 | 06.15 PM)

Bubbly Xiong Dun is about to have things go pop. She just caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and her job as a cartoonist is as good as done. She’s turning 29 and ready to leave a trail of Kleenexes along the road of her final best years. And just when things couldn’t get worse, she collapses mysteriously and is hospitalized. An imaginative woman copes with a debilitating form of cancer by remaining optimistic and spending time with her friends.

Awards: 3 wins & 3 nominations /
Chinese entry for the Best Foreign
Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards

2. Monk Who Comes Down The Mountain| Dir.: Kaige Chen |2015 |123 min (13th Feb17 | 07.45 PM)

When a young monk is forced to leave his impoverished monastery, he relies on his extraordinary martial arts skills to survive in the outside world. In search of a mentor, he crosses paths with a Kung Fu master who is in possession of the Book of Secrets, which reveals the lost art of the deadly Ape Strike Kung Fu technique. The rare book is coveted by a sinister father and son who will go to any extremes to obtain it. The monk finds himself immersed in a deadly battle to protect both the book and his master. Based on Xu Haofeng’s novel

3. The Witness | Dir: Sang-hoon Ahn |2015 |112 min (14th Feb17 | 6.15 PM)

Lu Xiaoxing is a rookie cop who, one night, goes to a night club and finds her brother, drives him back home to chastise him, for getting expelled from school. He objects and as they argue, her brother messes with the car’s pedals and sends the car flying off the overpass, leaving Xiaoxing bloody on the ground. Xiaoxing becomes blind and later becomes a victim of an abduction attempt. After escaping an abduction attempt, Xiaoxing and the young man who witnessed the crime aid the police in trying to identify the man responsible.

4. Goodbye Mr. Loser | Dir.: Da-Mo Peng, Fei Yan | 2015|104 min (14th Feb17 | 7.45 PM)

Unemployed amateur musician Xia Luo attends the wedding of Qiu Ya, his high school crush. He overdrinks, makes an inebriated declaration of love to Qiu Ya, and angers his wife Ma Dongmei, who publicly shames him for being a poor provider and husband.Having achieved all of his ambitions including marrying Qiu Ya, Xia Luo gradually realizes that he was destined to be with Ma Dongmei—after he abandoned her.Xia Luo makes a proposal to Ma Dongmei’s husband to trade away all he owns in exchange for his wife, but the frustrated husband punches him into unconsciousness and he wakes up in a hospital bed, where it is discovered he is dying from AIDS.

Awards : 3 nominations

Venue : RKV Film & TV Institute, NSK Salai Vadapalani
Date : 13th – 14th Feb 2017

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