Venue : Max Mueller Bhavan,  Chennai
Date : 24th – 26th July 2017 


1. Afula Express | 1997 | 95 min | Hebrew | Director: Julie Shles | (24 July 2017 | 6.15 pm)

David is a garage electrician, who dreamt all of his life of becoming a magician, but had no luck in it. His girlfriend Batya wants an ordinary life, but David is still looking for his dream, so he links up with Romanian immigrant Shimon, who is an expert magician.
Awards: 7 wins & 7 nominations

2. Dr. Pomerantz | 2011 | 88 min | Hebrew | Director: Assi Dayan | (25 July 2017 | 6.30 pm) 

Doctor Yoel Pomerantz is a washed-up, self-loathing psychologist who lives on the 12th floor of a high-rise with his son, Yoav,who has Asperger’s syndrome. Yoav spends his days pretending to be a traffic cop and proudly giving out parking tickets. In addition, Dr. Pomerantz, works shifts at a suicide hotline
Awards: 1 nomination

3. Hill Start | Zinuk BaAlia | 2014 | 92 min | Hebrew | Dir: Oren Shtern | (25 July 2017 | 8.00 pm) 

Ora is in a coma as the result of a car accident. As her children and other family members try to help her regain consciousness the viewer meets plastic surgeons, a wheelchair-bound marathon coach, a tough private investigator, a yoga instructor, a sensitive belly dancer and a big star in the Arab cinema.

4. Melting Away | Names Ba-geshem | 2011 | 86 min | Dir: Doron Eran | (26 July 2017 – 6.30 pm)

Shlomo discovers women’s clothing in his son Assaf’s room, and decides to punish him. When Assaf returns home, his attempts to enter the house fail. 4 years later, Gallia turns to an investigation agency to help her find her son Assaf and bring him to Shlomo, his father, who is dying of cancer. The insurance agency sends A private nurse to assist Shlomo’s at the hospital
Awards: 2 nominations

5. White Panther | Panter Lavan | 2013 | 89min | Dir: Danni Reisfeld | (26 July 2017 | 8.00 pm)

In the 1990’s a million Jews arrived in Israel from the USSR. The immigrants were despised by the local population who feared their ‘invasion’. While many embraced the Israeli lifestyle, others chose to live in self-made Russian ghettos. These ghettos were a fertile ground for the creation of Jewish skinheads. ‘White Panther’ is the story of Alex, a young Russian immigrant who joins a skinheads’ gang, led by his older brother. An unexpected meeting with David, a religious Moroccan Jew, gives Alex a chance to pursue his longtime dream of becoming a boxer like his father. Alex finds himself torn between his two father figures – his violent older brother and his new Jewish trainer.
Awards: 2 nominations

Venue : Max Mueller Bhavan,  Chennai
Date : 24th – 26th July 2017 

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