Japan Film Festival

INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION in association with the Consulate-General of Japan in Chennai are Organizing Chennai-Japan Film Festival 2018 on 6, 7 and 8th September 2018 at Tagore Film Centre, Government Music College Campus, Chennai – 600028

Venue : Tagore Film Centre, Government Music College Campus, Chennai
Date : 06th to 08th, September 2018


1. His Master’s Voice | Mô ichido | 2014 | 95 min | Dir.: Hiroyuki Itaya | 6 Sep 2018 | 7:00 pm

The Film is set in Edo Period. Sadakichi returns home to take holiday from his work after being bullied at work. In order to cheer up their Little son, they ask their neighbor Taihei, a former rakugo storyteller to give a performence and hopes to become Taihei’s apprentice. Sadakichi is being given a chance to perform Rakugo, but taihei watches over Sadakichi trying head for a stage performence and he himself takes over again of storytelling.

2. Samurai Cat | Neko zamurai | 2014 | 85 min | Dir.: Yamaguchi Yoshitaka | 7 Sep 2018 | 7:00 pm

Kyutaro is a SAMURAI who was once feared and lost his position. He runs out of money and lives along with his family. He does not know how to earn money without using his sword. On day he gets a job offer, which is to kill a cat. Though kyutaro finds it silly, he decides to do it for money. When Kyutaro opens the door to target his assassin he sees a lovely white cat.


3. Oshin | Oshin | 2013 | 109 min | Dir.: Shin Togashi  | 8 Sep 2018 | 6:00 pm

IN 1907, 7- Years old Oshin is traded for 60 kilograms of rice and sent to work as a maid for Lumber Shop. Her Family presents a 50-sen coin to ger as a farewell gift, which she keeps as a gof-luck charm. A 50-sen coin goes missing from the shop’s cash register where she dies almost in a blizzard, but AWOL soldier shunsaku saves her life and decides to take Oshin to her home. But on the way Shunsaku is shot by the military police and dies. Oshin joins with kagayas, a rice wholesaler and she be friends kayo, her employers daughter and becomes important to kagayas family, On a New Year’s day Oshin goes to a shrine where she finds out Fuji…
The Film depicts about a women’s patience and endurance helped her throuh a tough life of ups and downs and Oshin helps up to understand how to survive in difficult times.

Venue : Tagore Film Centre, Government Music College Campus, Chennai
Date : 06th to 08th, September 2018

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