INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION, in association with Instituto Cervantes New Delhi and Consulate of Spain in Chennai are organizing a Festival, of films “MADE BY WOMEN” (Spanish) from 23rd to 25th April 2018 at  Alliance Francaise of Madras, 24, College Road, Chennai

Venue : Alliance Francaise of Madras, Chennai 
Date : 23rd to 25th April 2018


1. Miss Wamba | Dir. Estefania Cortes | Spain | 2017 | 17′ Min | 23rd April 18 | 6.30 Pm

A woman tormented by her past meets an old man with whom she immediately connects.

2. Requirements to be a normal person | Dir. Leticia Dolera | Spain | 2016 | 90’ Min | 23 April 18 | 6.45 Pm

Maria has turned 30 years old. And now she has an immediate goal in life: to become a normal person. But first of all she has to discover what this implies. Is she already a normal person? What does it exactly mean, to be normal? That question goes deeper in her mind as she goes around asking herself the same question.
(5 Awards & 9 Nominations)

3. Oasis | Dir. Carmen Jimenez | Spain | 2014 | 15’ Min | 24 April 18 | 6.15 Pm

Nieves gets a job as the super of a decaying apartment complex in New York City. But the job becomes more difficult than she anticipated when she discovers a disturbing secret in one of the units.
(1 Award and 1 Nominations)

4. Sara on the run | Dir. Belen Funes | Spain | 2015 | 18′ Min | 24 April 18 | 6.30 Pm

Sara has been living for some time in a shelter for minors and has not seen her father for years. He has promised to go see her, but his promises have no value for Sara. With 15 years old, Sara has already learned the lesson very well: she is completely alone in the world. Her tutor, Núria, do everything in her hand to help her in this dramatic situation.
(2 Awards)

5. Maria Moliner | Dir. Vicky Calavia | Spain | 2017 | 75’ Min | 24 April 18 | 6.45 Pm

A female presence leads us through the important events in the life of María Moliner, highlighting the terms that define them, using also the definitions María offers in her great work: the Diccionario de Uso del Español.

6. Waste | Dir. Laura Sistero & Alejo Levis | Spain | 2016 | 17′ Min | 25 April 18 | 6.15 Pm

A small community of young women is marked by a series of strange rules and rituals in which a pencil led by the group leader exercises baton and guides the actions and movements of the group. This routine is truncated with the death of one of them. As a result of this, the best and most intimate friend of the victim will be revealed against the leader of the group and its impositions, which will lead to a crude and violent confrontation.

7. Wrath/ Ira | Dir. Jota Aronok | 2016 | 93’ Min | 25 April 18 | 6.30 pm (Special Screening)

A journalist filming his 1st documentary when he meets CESAR MAYO, witness of the absolution of the murderer of his son. Cesar proposes that Iker film the preparation and execution of a revenge killing. Iker accepts with the goal of filming the preparation, but of stopping the crime before it actually takes place. Iker investigates the case of the murdered youth and the strange circumstances surrounding it.
(1 Award)

Venue : Alliance Francaise of Madras, Chennai 
Date : 23rd to 25th April 2018

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