INDO CINE APPRECIATION FOUNDATION in association with Embassy of Mexico, New Delhi and Honorary Consulate of Mexico for Sourther India, Chennai are organizing a Mexican Film Festival from 26th and 28th March 2018 at Alliance Francaise of Madras,

Venue: Alliance Francaise of Madras, Chennai
Date: 26th to 28th  March 2018


1. PURA SANGRE | Dir : Noé Santillán-López | 2016 | 104 min | 26 March 2018 | 6.15 PM

History of how a team of five professionals, FIERRO, BOSCO, TINO, CHEMA and his brother JAIME, are forced to assault the betting center and the Hippodrome complex. The plan is simple; hide the money for five years and stay off the radar. When things calm down, they will return for the money. But a few months after the successful assault, one of them resurfaces in the police alert, and their mistakes will result in the most exhaustive human hunting, covering more than 5 years to arrest the remaining four members, and recover the money. Awards: 1 Award

2. A SEPARATE WIND | Dir.: Alejandro Gerber Bicecci | 2014 | 99 min | 27 March 2018 | 6.15 PM

Omar and Karina´s mother fell ill on a holiday trip in a beach on the Mexican Pacific coast. Without further notice, brother and sister will start a 2,500 kilometres journey to their grandmother´s house in Casas Grandes (Chihuahua), near the Mexico-USA border. They will face a country wounded by violence, distrust, helplessness and abandon, where the only possible shelter is to stay together. Awards: 1 Nomination

3. SEGUIR VIVIENDO | Dir.: Alejandra Sánchez | 2014 | 80 min | 27 March 2018 | 8.00 PM

Two children, under a death threat run away from Juarez and join a journalist, who has just lost his son in a car accident, they get together and form a new family. During a long journey in a short time, everything will spin around death, the fragile universe of love and life´s traps..
Awards: 1 award and 3 Nominations

4. FALLING IN LOVE WITH ABRIL | Dir.: Joél Núnez | 2015 | 90’  Min | 28 March 2018 | 6.15 PM

A funny romantic comedy in which a writer who signed with pseudonym woman falls for a journalist who signed with pseudonym man. When love comes almost always takes us by surprise and nobody can object. Awards: 1 nomination

5. THE EXTINCTION OF THE DINOSAURS | Dir.: Luis Ayhllon | 2014 | 80 Min | 28 March 2018 | 7.45 PM

Hugo has terminal cancer and needs easy money. For that reason, he wants to sell his house to Paco, an old friend who had an affair with his wife, thirty years ago. Paco wants to buy the house, but he doesn’t have a penny. Therefore, suggests committing a robbery. Awards: 1 Nomination

Venue: Alliance Francaise of Madras, Chennai
Date: 26th to 28th  March 2018

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