Winners of Korean film Review Competition

I Prize Winner (1): 

Mr. T. Jai Sakthivel (reviewed ‘Pieta by Ki-duk-Kim’)

II Prize Winners (2): 

  1. Mr. Srinivasa Santhanam (reviewed ‘Montage by Geun-seop Jeong’)
  2. Mr. Anirudh Mishra (reviewed ‘Memories of Murder by Bong joon-ho’)

III Prize Winners (3): 

  1. Mr. Paul Boakye (reviewed ‘Brotherhood of War by Kang Je Gyu’)
  2. Mr. Varun Raghu (reviewed ‘Parasite by Bong Joon-ho’)
  3. Mr. Ajay Arjun (reviewed ‘Kim Ji-young: Born 1982 by Kim do- young’)


Korean film Review Competition

Consulate of Korea in Chennai who is our Cultural Partner desires to conduct a competition for a review of Korean films. As you are aware that Korea has produced a lot of Korean films which have won many awards globally. They require a review of any Korean film which you might have witnessed and enjoyed as a film buff in our screening programmes and in your opinion as to the best among the lot.

We, therefore, request you to kindly arrange to give a review of any feature film which you consider as the best among the lot explaining the best aspects of the film which have impressed upon you to rate as the best Korean film. We request you to give a brief about the film including the name of the film, the Director.

The reviews will be made available to a panel of Jury Members and the Winner will be given an award by the Consulate later.  We are confident of your kind active participation and response.

Your review may be in writing or through a video and kindly ensure that it reaches us on or before 15th August 2020. Please make sure the review is within 100 words.

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